Équipes de recherche

  • AGPIG - Computer Architecture, Geometry, Perception, Images, Gesture
  • NECS - Network Controlled Systems
  • Maverick - Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis
  • BIPOP - Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
  • E-MOTION - Geometry and Probabilities for Motion and Action
  • Imagine - Intuitive Modeling and Animation for Interactive Graphics and Narrative Environments
  • LEAR - Learning and Recognition in Vision
  • Morpheo - Acquisition and Analysis of Shapes in Motion
  • NANO-D - Algorithms for Modeling and Simulation of Nanosystems
  • PERCEPTION - Interpretation and Modeling of Images and Videos
  • PRIMA - Perception and Integration for Interactive Intelligent Spaces
  • IIHM - Engineering Human-Computer Interaction
  • CAMI - Computer Assisted Medical Interventions
Des exemples de projects sont consultables sur le site internet PCARRE.