Grenoble boasts a unique tank of companies specialized in computer science. They play a critical role in the progression, development and existence of our programs. The program is constantly in contact with a network of more than 800 companies, and most of them are located in the Rhône Alpes region. This close relationship expresses itself through internships, seminars, interventions by company professionals, conventions thanks to sponsorships and partnerships, leading to our graduates getting hired.

The Companies Forum takes place each year and allows students on the program to get to know about forty companies working in this field. Here are a few examples: Alteca, Astek Rhône Alpes, Atos, Axway, Becton Dickinson, Bee Buzziness, Business&Decision - Eolas, Capgemini, CGI, Cognizant, Corys Tess, Enalean, GF, KBRW aI Informatique, Groupe Open, Hardis, Infuz d-venture, Keyrus Biopharma, KLS, Le Sphinx développement, Mentor Graphics, Merial, Moody’s analytics SAS, Nodule Multimédia, Viseo/Objet direct, Orange, Oxylane - Decathlon IT, Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear Sas, Samse, Sogeti, Sopra, ST Microelectronics, Tagsys RFID.

Published on  July 12, 2016
Updated on February 23, 2022