The first year is offered in French and in English (first year of Mosig) with shared courses.

It offers a wide choice of basic courses (core courses) and advanced courses (optionnal) in computer science.

The courses in the two languages are offered to students having at least a B2 level in the teaching langage. The students choose the teaching language which defines completely their core courses. The options can be chosen as soon as there is no schedule conflict and respecting a pedagogical coherence.


Troncs communs

In english (Mosig)

All core courses, except the research project, are offered in the first semester.

In french

Options second semester

All selective courses are offered on the second semester, 3 ECTS. Courses proposed in French  are for students in the classical M1 (in french). Some courses in English are proposed in both M1 classical and Mosig and others only to Mosig students.

Mosig M1 (in english)
Classical and Mosig (in english) M1
Classical M1 (in french)