The Computer Systems discipline covers the scientific study, analysis, modeling, and engineering of software infrastructures. It includes the sub-areas of operating systems, distributed systems, embedded and real-time systems, and parallel systems.

The rise of Internet services, the use of Grid and cloud infrastructures for large scale computing, the wide penetration of embedded systems in critical applications and in everyday life, are a few examples of the relevance of computer systems in today’s activities.

The aim of this option is to provide students with both a wide overview of this area and a deep understanding of the fundaments illustrated with cutting edge research issues. This option is organized in 5 compulsory core courses (Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Parallel Systems, Advanced Operating Systems, Wireless Networking and Sensor Networks) that offer a balanced program including theory and design principles, as well as more applied aspects based on in-depth case studies. In addition to these 5 core courses, the student have to follow the performance evaluation workshop (15 hours in total) that aims at providing the fundamental basis for performance evaluation of computer systems.

Last semester is devoted to a 6-month Master project that may be conducted either at a public or corporate research laboratory or in the industry. The project should allow the students to demonstrate both innovation capabilities and engineering skills. The Grenoble area offers a large number of opportunities for exciting work in Computing Systems, both in an academic and an industrial environment. Corporate research and advanced development is conducted, among others, at Bull, France Telecom Research and Development, Hewlett-Packard, STMicroelectronics, Sun Microsystems, Xerox Research Centre, and at a number of innovative start-up companies. The students who intend to engage in doctoral studies are advised to select a subject including a part of scientific investigation.

The Parallel, Distributed and Embedded Systems specialty of MoSIG prepares its graduates to a wide range of activities in these areas, ranging from basic and applied research to the design and engineering of software platforms and applications.


Courses take place on third semester and are all in english. Semester 4 is dedicated to an end of studies research project.

Specific courses to the option

Cross courses

12 ECTS of courses should be taken among the option's cross courses (below) or other cross courses of other options.