The global and computerized information society requires new approaches for accessing, processing, and distributing information and knowledge.

The heterogeneous and distributed nature of data sources, services and output, makes these processes more difficult, as they have to be adaptable and open.

The Artificial Intelligence and the Web option aims at training students in domains related to the web and its development, in order to leverage its content, be it textual, multimedia or formal, from data to knowledge. The need to process this information at various levels, for intelligently searching, enhancing, archiving or transforming data, has led to new models and algorithms.

This option covers theories, models and techniques used in this context : knowledge representation and inference, machine learning, XML technologies, semantic web, multi-agent systems, information retrieval and space and time representations.

The resulting systems are widely used in other domains such as computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, and applications like electronic commerce, biology and genomics. This option prepares students for positions in academic or corporate research, as well as in R&D departments of private companies.


Courses take place on third semester and are all in english. Semester 4 is dedicated to an end of studies research project.

Specific courses to the option

Cross courses

12 ECTS of courses should be taken among the option's cross courses (below) or other cross courses of other options.